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Regardless of how well your knife has got the head of the other for sharpness on the market, a sharpener always be always in need. Details of Work Sharp Ken Onion vs Wicked Edge have got to bring you the reason why.

The very first sight into two products

For every knife people, searching for a high-quality tool helping to maintain the edge is always a big question. Sometimes, they find it so annoyed when some kinds of electric sharpeners leave the cringe on the blade after sharpening. However, the equipment like Work Sharp Ken Onion or Wicked Edge have changed the story.

In term of the Ken Onion Edition, it shows users a lot of features which they cannot see in an ordinary model of sharpeners. The product enables you to sharpen tons of knives with numerous sizes and shapes as well.

However, the Wicked Edge is not less competitive at all. In fact, there are many sharpening systems out there which can meet even the strictest requirements. This one still performs the best in its way. The sharpener can bring accuracy in each crop. Moreover, it will be entirely not challenging to use for sure.

Now, it is time to come to the details for both Ken Onion and Wicked Edge equipment to see how well they can work. Although you own collections of the  best edc fix blade knife or even the best Spyderco knife with shocking high price, all of them can be garbage without great sharpeners.

Ken Onion Edition

As creating the Ken Onion Edition, the brand used the Work Sharp Ken Onion Power Platform. It goes along with a cluster of parts. They include a switch and lockout for power, a cassette as well as an angle adjustment and belts. A bonus point for such product lies in the DVD with the purpose of guiding from the provider. Thanks to the instruction, you can quickly set up and run the sharpener.


Most of the users find it quick and easy to set up the Work Sharp. The only one matter existing is the step of plugging in the parts together and how to pick suitable belts along with angles.

Aside from the body of the system, it is a lever with the function of changing the belt. You just need to lift it up for swapping out the belt. After setting the belt into the state on or off, do not forget to release the lever.

On the top of the machine, the brand designed an indicator so-called the Sharpening Guide. When you turn the Angle Adjustment Knob, the angle for sharpening will be in its right position. Moreover, there will be no worry about options for angle’s wide since the range varies practically from 15 to 30 degrees. Now, the set-up is ready.

The next step right after starting the power is to place the blade at the bevel’s heel which is on the right side forward the Guide. At the same them when squeezing the switch for power, an act of pulling the blade along the sharpening guide must be in line. But the manufactures always suggest all of you not to press down such guide so far.


Besides a structure like another universal sharpening system, the Ken Onion Edition also shows users few innovated points. For sure, I cannot ignore the detail of an attachment of tool grinding. Thanks to such upgraded, both flat axle and grinding slack belt. Moreover, it plays a significant role as a file of power and a sander in a case of sharpening materials such as metal and wood.

The advantages of the attachment do not tend to stop at the function above. It even contributes to the process of turning the WSKTS-KO into a new stage. Hence, a belt grinder in a smaller size will be available to complete tasks regarding the shape, the sharpness of the edges.

Wicked Edge

Unlike the operating principle of the Ken Onion, the one in the Wicked Edge does not link to electricity. Let’s see how it works and what pros and cons are.


For the Wicked Edge, there will be a hard-shell case along. By this, carrying everywhere is undoubtedly more convenient than ever. On the foam insides, you can place all the stones in a favorite order which is reasonable for your use to sharpen the blades. Additionally, on the left side of the case, it is the place for the angle cube.

With the sharpening guide, it will slide over the arm when leaving the box, and then set up into a proper angle. A recommendable option for you is the Granite base. To be honest, its extra weight helps to keep the stability of the system always in place.

To sharpen the edge, at first, you need to take two keys along the jaws. This step is to secure the system for sharpening process. Then, you set up a diamond stone into the guide of sharpening. Next, it is time to attach the angle cube on that stone.

Flaws of this sharpening system

It is not that all things about the Wicked Edge are perfect. There is no doubt that many shortages still happen. Followings are some of them which you can find on such system.

The first one is a problem regarding a grip which is clean. It seems to be hard for the clamp to keep such part not dirty for every shape of the blade.

The second trouble is the one that you can find in the acute angle. The smaller blade cannot fit in the width of the angle at all.

The third matter needs to be mentioned here is the tape. A snug clamp will truly require you to take use of more tape.

Final thought

How do you think about that your expensive knives have become dull day by day? It is such a terrible thing so far. I am wondering why so many knife people out there are still so skimp to invest an amount of money for a sharpening system.

Talking about the Work Sharp Ken Onion vs Wicked Edge, each of them shows their exceptional features which you cannot find in any other products. But, in my opinion, the former – Ken Onion Edition should be the priority. From the WSKTS-KO to the Blade Grinding Attachment, they will not make you disappointed.


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