Work Sharp Ken Onion vs Wicked Edge – Musical instruments making

Regardless of how well your knife has got the head of the other for sharpness on the market, a sharpener always be always in need. Details of Work Sharp Ken Onion vs Wicked Edge have got to bring you the reason why.

The very first sight into two products

For every knife people, searching for a high-quality tool helping to maintain the edge is always a big question. Sometimes, they find it so annoyed when some kinds of electric sharpeners leave the cringe on the blade after sharpening. However, the equipment like Work Sharp Ken Onion or Wicked Edge have changed the story.

In term of the Ken Onion Edition, it shows users a lot of features which they cannot see in an ordinary model of sharpeners. The product enables you to sharpen tons of knives with numerous sizes and shapes as well.

However, the Wicked Edge is not less competitive at all. In fact, there are many sharpening systems out there which can meet even the strictest requirements. This one still performs the best in its way. The sharpener can bring accuracy in each crop. Moreover, it will be entirely not challenging to use for sure.

Now, it is time to come to the details for both Ken Onion and Wicked Edge equipment to see how well they can work. Although you own collections of the  best edc fix blade knife or even the best Spyderco knife with shocking high price, all of them can be garbage without great sharpeners.

New Canon Cameras for Vlogging and Video! (Canon M6 and 77D)

Looking to upgrade your camera? In this articles, we’re gonna be checkin’ out three brand new cameras from Canon for content creators. Comin’ up.

Hey, what’s up guys, Sean here with GigSwiz, helping you go further, faster, in media. And we’re here at NAB show here in Las Vegas checkin’ out some brand new Canon cameras and there’s some pretty cool ones that I want you to see. The first one is the Canon M6. Now this is a mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses and what’s really cool about the M6 is that it has a flip screen, really for vloggers. I would say that this camera is a great tool for those that wanna create vlogs on the go, very small, very portable, you get interchangeable lenses and you get a screen that turns to selfie, which the reason they were able to do that is ’cause they took away the viewfinder.

This would be a great choice. The t7i also shoots 1080p at 60 frames a second. You can buy some other products as the best lenses for Canon 80D and best slow motion camera to be able to assist you to make the best Video or Vlog.

Confession: I was one of the last journalists to interview Malcolm McLaren

I was one of the last journalists to interview Malcolm Mclaren. I did it for Q, a UK music magazine.

I met Mclaren at a coffee spot on 18th street, near Union Square (Le Pain Quotidien, if you know it). He chose the spot. Back then, in 2007, he seemed in fine form.

When the ex manager of the Sex Pistols walked in to the crowded cafe at 11.30am I did not recognise him. I expected a flame haired, wild eyed provocateur; I got a well fed middle class man in his 60s. But then he started talking.

There was that unmistakeable nasal north London accent. There was the absolute self confidence. And there were the vicious swipes at anyone who crossed him or even so much as crossed his path.

Sid Vicious? Secretly gay, he said. John Lydon? Probably the same. Kate Moss? Too daft to be dating Pete Doherty. In fact Doherty, the druggie rock star curently accused of supplying the drugs that killed an heiress Robin Whitehead, was the only person he wholeheartedly approved of.